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Mim is a member of the Press Team here at Metal Meyhem Radio, she along with Lexi & Squirrel looks after Press Releases, news feeds, and all things social.

Pariah Burke grew up banging his impressive head of hair to 80s and 90s hard rock, heavy metal, and hair band albums he played all the way through while wondering why even the coolest FM stations only ever played the singles.Living and playing in bands in Daytona Beach back when Bike Week was still awesome, Pariah developed a taste for Harleys and whiskey, and began DJing Bike Week events and mud wrestling.Later, somehow still in possession of his full hearing, Pariah embraced the ability of Internet radio to reach hard rock, heavy metal, and hair band fans all over the world. He started the HardHeavy & Hair with Pariah Burke syndicated radio show to bring to all those fans the biggest hits but even more so the non-single album tracks, the “deep cuts,” that make albums great but never get air play during regular radio rotation.

Lysette is the power behind the Metal Meyhem RadioInstagram feed.If you message our Instagram, the likelihood is that you are speaking to Lysette..she works hard with it, so be nice!!You can submit your band to Lysette who will go through all of your submissions and pass them to the relevant presenters, message her below.

James hosts your weekly dose of Metal and Thrash. Want James to play something? Hit him up

Gemma is with you every fortnight on Monday's at 10pm, with your list of upcoming gig and festival guides, as well as the best from signed and unsigned bands

It's the Hat isn't it? The guys love the Hat!Midnight Furie established the Midnight Hour three years ago on an internet radio station in the West of England.But don't let that fool you. She's half Russian and half Welsh and 100% naughty! Midnight is honoured to bring that show to the South Coast of England listeners and delighted to share her eclectic mixes with the Metal Meyhem Massive. As a committed fellow metalhead Midnight Furie and her wheels of steel enjoys nothing better then to spank the plank with the best of them.Catch The Midnight Hour every Sunday at 5pm and experience true music mixology. Between shows Midnight's interviewing new talent to be Artist/Band of the Month.

Lexi is a member of the Press Team here at Metal Meyhem Radio, she along with Squirrel looks after Press Releases, news feeds, and all things social.

From Mount Pleasant, Michigan, "J.C" is now a long term member of the Metal Meyhem Radio family.An experienced broadcaster, having worked with All Access Media, and iHeart, join him every Saturday for 2 hours of Kick Ass Rock, as well as the "Back to the Blues" segment, as well as the latest feature the "Closet Classic"

Brian Basher began working in radio in 1993 at a small AM/FM station in Southwest Arkansas, over the years he has worked at several stations in Arkansas and Texas across multiple formats.

He took over ownership and hosting duties of Hard Rock Nights in 2010 and since then has been spreading the gospel of rock n roll to a worldwide audience as Hard Rock Nights have aired on hundreds of stations, in over 40 countries and six continents around the world. Almost ten years on Hard Rock Nights and Brian are still going strong with no plans of stopping any time soon.Hard Rock Nights is two hours of pure rock n’ roll. Every week, Brian will remind you why you fell in love with rock n’ roll, by introducing you to the new wave of rock n’ roll from the best hard rock bands from around the world.

Lauren heads up "Woman Crush Wednesday "  you can catch every Wednesday night at 9pm.In a band that features one or more female members? Hit her up at

Our very own Squirrel makes sure everything on the website runs as it should, she also attends many gigs and events, writes up the show report and gets up close and personal with the bands and records all the juicy details

JayRock the man with the purple hair that loves to rock out.Catch JayRock counting down The Active Rock Chart, or guiding you through Saturday Late Breakfast... or maybe he's at an event shoving a microphone in the face of a band that's playing, airing their dirty laundry for all of you to hear!! We could call him the brains of the operation, but that would mean he had one!

Interviewing rock and metal bands to get the scoop on their latest songs and doings!

Join Pappa D as he takes you on an EPIC journey through some Folk, Viking, Pirate & Symphonic Metal...when he isn't enjoying festivals such as Hellfest.

Elliot, our resident Black Doom man, every Thurday at 9pm UTC, Elliot serves up a slice of our favourite Black, Death & Doom tracks...buckle up, it may be bumpy

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