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BOFO KWO Show The Extreme Delights Of ‘Space/Time Carnivorium’   Space/Time Carnivorium is the first full length album from Finland’s very own Bofo Kwo. Since their start in 2014, their unique sound following the adventures of three “cannibals” through their journey, has swept across the planet. This album marks their return to space through time. With symphonic […]

Sliptrick Records Welcome South Korean Deathcore Group LOSS OF INFECTION   Joining the ranks at Sliptrick Records this week: Loss Of Infection (KOR) Deathcore | Death Metal Loss Of Infection is a South Korean deathcore band formed in January 2019 when Heewook-Lee, Seolmin kim and Jongwook-Shin left the band Tornself, which was active in Daegu, and recruited […]

Erasing Time is the new single from Italian progressive rock band Heartache. As with previous releases, the track analyzes an aspect of deceiving, in this case the elusiveness of time.     Erasing Time explores the world of memories and the subtle feeling that accompanies a determined period of time which, even if long and […]

Danish melodic, alternative metal group Cryosphere have a new EP arriving entitled Constellations. The songs on the EP have been made by throughout several changes in line-up (or constellations) and that is why the title is so.   Following a turbulent personal time, Cryosphere has managed to channel all of their feelings into raw new […]

LAPSUS DEI Take A Deep Dive Into The ‘Sea Of Deep Reflections’   The new release from Chilean doom metal group Lapsus Dei is Sea Of Deep Reflections and it’s an album that develops the story of a journey, told through seven songs that will transport any audience to their most vivid dreams. This voyage represents our own growth […]

SIMPLEFAST Lyrics & Official Video From The Latest Album ‘Eternal’   It’s been a tough time in recent months but Greek modern metal group Simplefast have kept themselves busy backing up the release of their latest album Eternal (Sliptrick Records – February 21st, 2020) with two video releases. First up was the official video for the dynamic track The Liar’s […]

SURVIVE Release Second Episode Movie Of Band’s History   Tokyo based “Samurais from Hell”, SURVIVE, have released their second Episode movie of the band’s history, entitled ‘Turning Point “My Inner Rage, Fxxk You All‘ (English subtitle), watch it here: In case you missed the 1st episode, check it out here: Just recently SURVIVE released a […]

ZWAREMACHINE Go The Extra Mile On ‘Be A Light (Special Edition)’   The decision to have a minimal approach to the music on Be A Light was about having spaces to let the reverb decay and that is why slower tempos on this album were chosen. Zwaremachine tried to maintain a tight focus on the sounds used and have […]

The Massacre is the first lyric video from the new upcoming Bofo Kwo album Space/Time Carnivorium. Released worldwide via Sliptrick Records on June 30th and it’s a story about our three main characters slaughtering of a group of worshipers.     The song captures the vibe as the three cannibals reminisce about the slaughter of […]

With their first full-length album Kindred: Act I, Red Cain dive into a conceptual journey through the primordial depth of the human psyche, surfacing to tell mythological tales of war, love, and transformation. Slavic, Celtic, and Egyptian myths all find a place within the tracks, in a venomous new form – battle hymns, sorrow songs […]

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