This week’s #MusicMonday choice comes via the Press Team once again, and is the choice of Lexi.   The story of Liberty Lies dates them back to their high school days, before Facebook, YouTube & Spotify. Brought up on a strict regime of their parents favourite Classic Rock bands, but inspired by brand new music […]

This week’s #MusicMonday choice falls to the home of Folk, Melodic Death, Pirate & Symphonic Metal Pappa D. For the few lucky bands who live to see a career blossom out of their passion, even fewer manage to avoid the hopeless creative stagnation that happens when hobby turns into ”work”. We all know that as […]

This week’s #MusicMonday has come by way of “Ondy’s Track of the Week” Originally played on JayRock’s #FirstPlays on August 10th, it was Ondy’s Track of the Week choice for the August 17th show. Formed in 2014 as a catharsis to work through a period of deep depression and anxiety, Scars of Protest has evolved into something […]

This week’s #MusicMonday choice comes via the Press Team, and is the choice of Squirrel.   Based in the Worthing/ Brighton area, Grenades was formed in 2013, lead singer Django Black found himself destitute and unemployed. Despite living in poverty, being treated like scum, and facing knock back after knock back, he channelled all the […]

This week’s #MusicMonday choice comes around once again to the choice of Metal Ashes Radio Show host James.   Submitted directly to his show last week, James gave it a spin on the Metal Ashes Radio Show August 4th, where it received Global Radio airplay for the very first time,  and has this week chosen […]

This week’s #MusicMonday choice has been chosen by Let There Be Rock host Gemma.   Ingrained in her head for the past couple of weeks, Gemma’s choice comes from German rock outfit The New Roses who are making a name for themselves.   Touring with fellow countrymen and rock legends Scorpions this summer, a highlight […]

This week’s #MusicMonday choice comes via J.C’s Kick Ass Rock Show, and from J.C himself This past weekend, J.C caught up with Chris from Little Rock Arkansas band Stays In Vegas. Stays In Vegas is a band that plays hard rock and alternative rock music. Their sound ranges from gritty rock, grunge fueled anthems, erie […]

This week’s #MusicMonday choice come from #FirstPlays host JayRock Although not actually played on #FirstPlays, it debuted on The South (UK) Metal & Rock Radio Show with Sam this past Friday, and comes from South Coast Sludge Rock/ Metal band Victus.   This is the first new single since the release of the debut EP […]

This week’s #MusicMonday choice comes courtesy of Woman Crush Wednesday host Lauren. Lauren’s choice is a song that’s been stuck in her head for week’s so only fitting that it is chosen as her Track Of The Week. Chelsea Wolfe is an American singer-songwriter and musician. Her work has blended elements of gothic rock, doom metal, and folk […]

This week’s #MusicMonday choice is chosen by our “Queen of Instagram” Lysette. Her choice this week comes from Aberdeen Scotland based Black/ Speed Metallers Hellripper. Formed in 2014, and very much in the vein of old-school bands such as Venom, Metallica, Sabbat [JPN], Midnight etc, the band released the debut EP ‘The Manifestation of Evil’ […]

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