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LARS Promotions Event Featuring The Hellfire Club with The Rattlebacks and Lithium, 2nd August 2019. A lovely warm sunny eve greeted us at this months LARS Promotions Live Event, I say warm…. It was HOT! Especially once the crowd gathered in The Crown to see what the LARS Promotions guys had in store us. And […]

LARS Promotions event featuring GLOO with Sweet Jonny and Second In Line.   Well, another Friday night, this time a very wet one down at The Crown in Littlehampton for the guys at LARS Promotions, but the show must go on right? And go on it did! This month the LARS crew presented us with […]

LARS Promotions event featuring Icarus Falls with Ariandelle and The Lucky Scars, 5th April 2019 Hello Friends, apologies for the delay on this show report, got a little snowed under with holidays and what not. The first Friday of April we caught another 3 amazing bands at the LARS Promotions event at The Crown in […]

LARS Promotions event featuring Junkyard Sons with Bad Billy Band and Across The Sea. Hello friends, Another Friday night, Time for another LARS Promotions event! The crew had transformed The Crown in Littlehampton once again with stage, lights and atmosphere and going by the line up we were in for a bit of the blues….. Music wise that is […]

  LARS Promotions event featuring Tidal Rave with Blackfeather, 1st February 2019.   It’s the first Friday of the month and you know what that means…. It’s time for another LARS Promotions event. Transforming The Crown in Littlehampton once again with stage, lights and atmosphere we were all in for a really good night for […]

  LARS Promotions event featuring Negative Measures with Who Killed Nancy Johnson? and Murderers Row.   So here we have it the first show report of the new year! It was a Friday night and I was back at The Crown in Littlehampton ready to see what the LARS Promotions crew had in store for […]

  LARS Promotions Event featuring Aren Drift with Tales Of Autumn and Charged.   Friday 7th of December, The Crown, Littlehampton. Friday night, The Crown, Littlehampton and we’re back for the last LARS Promotions event of 2018. The crew had organised one hell of a line up to end this year with a resounding bang! […]

  LARS Promotions Event featuring Icarus Falls with Troll Mother and Dead Letter   Well here we are again friends, Friday night, The Crown, Littlehampton , for the latest LARS Promotions event. The Rock Riot. The atmosphere was lively , the bands were pumped up, ready to rock this event on a very cold evening […]

LARS Promotions presents The Punk Rock Rave featuring Grenades, Graces Collide and Tidal Rave. Here we are back again, Friday night, The Crown, Littlehampton , for the next LARS Promotions event. The Punk Rock Rave. The title of the evening definitely sounded like it had something for everyone, so I was very intrigued as to […]

  Augmented August, LARS Promotions event night featuring TERRABORN with VICTUS and JOKERS PARADE   Well here we are, another very warm Friday night with the LARS Promotions crew and Metal Meyhem Radio team ready to bring us another 3 amazing bands to the stage. The venue is buzzing with early summer vibes and I […]

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