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Can you imagine wearing a face mask that has never been washed after hundreds of strangers wearing it? Technically that is exactly what you’re signing up for every time you decide to use someone’s microphone.   When public speakers and performers will receive a full permission to gather in large groups – all financially and […]

A huge number of online games are influenced by this extraordinary music genre. Playing online games and listening to music are the most popular forms of entertainment.   People find their musical preferences and proceed to enjoy them in various ways. One of the most exciting combinations is definitely music and video games. The technological […]

One of the most frequently used phrases among people who appreciate music is a statement: “covers are not as good as original songs.” To a certain degree it is true. But it is also worth noticing that in this statement people rarely replace the word “not” with “never.”   Mainly because pretty much anyone can […]

Internet users formulated 7 erroneous theories about Slipknot’s new band member identity. According to them the list of suspects includes such people as Dave Grohl, Mike Portnoy, Zach Hill, Joey Jordison, Griffin Taylor (Corey Taylor’s son), Simon and Cage (Shawn Crahan sons). Despite the fact that there are only 3 official images of new percussionist, […]

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