Midnight’s Metal Grinder with Midnight Furie & Squirrel

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Where we go all granular on the month's metal scene

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Once a month, our very own Midnight Furie along with new co-host Squirrel goes all granular on the month's metal scene.

Every month we feature new bands and artists and new albums/ tracks to be released that month; peppered with tasty metal scene news and gossip.


If you're about to launch or have new music coming out, and want to be featured on Midnight's Metal Grinder, get in touch!!!

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Midnight’s Metal Grinder with Midnight Furie & Squirrel crew

It's the Hat isn't it? The guys love the Hat!Midnight Furie established the Midnight Hour three years ago on an internet radio station in the West of England.But don't let that fool you. She's half Russian and half Welsh and 100% naughty! Midnight is honoured to bring that show to the South Coast of England listeners and delighted to share her eclectic mixes with the Metal Meyhem Massive. As a committed fellow metalhead Midnight Furie and her wheels of steel enjoys nothing better then to spank the plank with the best of them.Catch The Midnight Hour every Sunday at 5pm and experience true music mixology. Between shows Midnight's interviewing new talent to be Artist/Band of the Month.

Our very own Squirrel makes sure everything on the website runs as it should, she also attends many gigs and events, writes up the show report and gets up close and personal with the bands and records all the juicy details

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