Ondy’s Track of the Week – April 18th: Driven Astray – Because Of You

Ondy’s Track of the Week from the April 11th #FirstPlays, comes from Myrtle Beach SC based Driven Astray.

Wes DeLoach and Seth Greeson formed Driven Astray (formally known as Driven Under) with a clear vision and a strong passion for music.


When Chris Younes filled the bass position, the Myrtle Beach trio began to write and developed a special chemistry. After months of rehearsal, the band emerged with a collection of fleshed-out ideas and decided that it was time to bring their vision to life.


At the onset of 2014, Driven Astray formed a close partnership with producer, Cory Plaugh and recorded their first single “Not Alone“. The success of their first release, afforded them the opportunity to open for platinum recording artist, Hoobastank.


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At almost a year after the release of Not Alone, the group finally had a collection of tracks they were truly proud of.

The debut EP is an incredibly intense and dynamic release, proving the band continues to grow and evolve with each song.



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