Aneta’s Track of the Week from the May 9th #FirstPlays, comes from Adelaide-based rock outfit alt.


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Aneta? What happened to Ondy? For this week, Ondy couldn’t pick his track of the week, so Aneta stepped in and sacked Ondy in the process!!!

(No.. she hasn’t use the Uzi on him and hidden him under the floorboards.. lock down hasn’t been that rough….YET!!!)



Formed in December 2019, alt. were reformed from the band formally known as After Change, and have just released their 4th single Pariah.


As After Change, the band played alongside international and national heavyweights including Mayday Parade, Circa Survive, Hands Like Houses and The Getaway Plan to name a few and have headlined shows across the country accompanied by the likes of Windwaker and Far Away Stables. Now alt. plan to build on their former reputation and leave their mark on Australia’s alternative music scene.


The band have released 3 previous singles, insubordinate. in December 2019,


chasing safety in February 2020


and nothingwithoutyou in March 2020


The new album dysfunctional was released on April 23rd 2020


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