Woman Crush Wednesday with Lauren September 18th

Lauren 18th September 2019

Lauren’s ready for you this week with another dose of women in metal and rock, she’s got a sickening selection of tunes all celebrating what feminism in metal can look and sound like!
Tune in at 9pm to hear….



Twin Temple – I Am A Witch 0:00:36
Dehydrated – Piranha or Whale? 0:03:20
Alunah – Hunt 0:08:30
Lacuna Coil – Reckless 0:15:42
Asagraum – Beyond the Black Vortex 0:18:45
Stitched Up Heart – Warrior 0:24:53
Quayde LaHüe – Widowmaker 0:29:07
Nova Twins – Vortex 0:34:37
Thronehammer – Conquered and Erased 0:37:50
Dimman – Capsized Reverie 0:50:02
Tarja featuring Cristina Scabbia – Goodbye Stranger 0:53:37
Synlakross – Eternal Darkness 0:58:46
Battle Beast – The Hero 1:04:18
Pictura Poesis – Demonic Delusions 1:08:38
Old Blood – Bloody Feathers 1:13:40
Sascha Paeth’s Masters of Ceremony – Die Just A Little 1:19:03
Metalite – Far From the Sanctuary 1:23:05
Cellar Darling – Insomnia 1:27:20
Fvnerals – Where 1:35:15
Call of the Siren – Viral 1:43:37
Lita Ford – Gotta Let Go 1:48:10


And of course Lauren’s Woman Crush of the Week which is revealed at the end of the show!”

Woman Crush Wednesday

Woman Crush Wednesday

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