Lauren returns to our airwaves this Wednesday with Woman Crush Wednesday, and has a killer line up full of brilliant new music and bands to check out that more than makes up for last week technical issues!


Tune in at 9pm to hear:

(Image: Visions Of Atlantis)


Alia Tempora – Loser Like Me 0:00:42
Introtyl – Misanthropy & Madness 0:04:25
Birdeatsbaby – Painkiller 0:07:03
Babymetal – Shanti, Shanti, Shanti 0:13:38
Crystal Viper – Still Alive 0:16:46
Torpor – Enigmatic Demand 0:20:32
Blackwater Holylight – Death Realms 0:34:48
Anfel – Echoes of Buried Hope 0:39:31
Cycle Sluts From Hell – Soultaker 0:53:05
Gold Frankincense & Myrrh – Can You Promise Me That This Will Never End 0:58:44
Visions of Atlantis – Bring the Storm 1:01:41
Martyrium – The Sacrament 1:06:02
Glam Skanks – Don’t Waste It 1:13:29
Esben and the Witch – Darkness (I Am Here Too) 1:16:46
Mechanical God Creation – Warface 1:24:15
Tulip – Limited 1:30:36
Kamelot featuring Simone Simons – The Haunting 1:34:24
Dalriada – Nyárutó 1:39:52
Delain – Burning Bridges 1:48:39
Nita Strauss – Alegria 1:52:52

and of course at the end of the show Lauren will reveal her Woman Crush of the Week

Woman Crush Wednesday

Woman Crush Wednesday

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