Woman Crush Wednesday with Lauren August 21st

Lauren 21st August 2019

Lauren is back and ready to break your speakers with another killer show packed full of heavy music all from women in metal and rock. What more could you want on a Wednesday?

Tune in at 9pm to hear…


Asagraum – They Crawl From the Broken Circle 0:00:33
Kim Jennett – Psycho 0:06:10
BESVÄRJELSEN – Past in Haze 0:10:06
Leaves’s Eyes – Night of the Ravens 0:18:46
Abnormality – A Catastrophic and Catalyzing Event 0:23:22
Witches of London – Autumn is Here 0:29:29
Life of Agony – Scars 0:35:37
Code Orange – Let Me In 0:38:35
Blackwater Holylight – Motorcycle 0:42:28
Shinobi Ninja – Bang Bang 0:48:00
Watchcries – Transgressions Entwined 0:50:49
Chelsea Wolfe – Be All Things 0:54:06
Sirenhex – Blazing Star 0:59:30
Sojourner – Where Lost Hope Lies 1:04:06
Rendevous Point – Resurrection 1:13:55
Chrysarmonia– Fast 1:20:25
Okkultist – Reinventing Evil 1:24:15
Tarja – Tears In Rain 1:28:33
Visions of Atlantis – A Journey to Remember 1:34:13
MONO – Meet Us Where the Night Ends 1:38:15
Tanith – Mountain 1:47:18

And at the end of the show Lauren will reveal her Woman Crush of the Week

Woman Crush Wednesday

Woman Crush Wednesday

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