Lauren is back and celebrating women in metal and rock once more with some heavy new releases, classic tracks and some underground bands you should be listening to!
Tune in at 9pm to hear…


Chelsea Wolfe – Deranged For Rock & Roll 0:00:33
Hamen – Lost Feelings 0:04:03
Vesperith – Fractal Flesh 0:09:08
Infected Rain – Storm 0:17:26
Book of Wyrms – Spirit Drifter 0:22:22
The Dark Element – Songs the Nights Sing 0:28:07
The Agonist – As One We Survive 0:34:48
Svalbard – Feminazi? 0:38:36
Janina Jade – Tattooed Fire Woman 0:42:57
Life of Agony – Lay Down 0:48:08
Immortal Bird – Avolition 0:51:59
Fuki – Juliet 0:59:18
Savage Master – Myth, Magic and Steel 1:04:04
Rave the Reqviem – Crack the Sky 1:08:03
Ahl Sina – Troops of Pain 1:11:51
Phantom Blue – Better Off Dead 1:20:07
Electric Wizard – Dopethrone 1:23:56
Sisters of Suffocation – Every Little Fibre 1:34:24
Reason Define – Reaper 1:39:21
Evanescence – Lose Control 1:43:36
Employed to Serve – We Forgot You 1:48:08

and of course Lauren’s Woman Crush of the Week will be revealed at the end of the show

Woman Crush Wednesday

Woman Crush Wednesday

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