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Sam is back tonight with this week’s The South (UK) Metal & Rock Radio Show, and a selection of bands that are based across the South. This week, Sam takes a review on the new EP from South Coast Sludgers Hummune.

Sam also has tracks from;

(Image: Hummune)


Butcher In The Fog – Hells Teeth
Butcher In The Fog – Screaming Reflection
Yanni 459 – Clouded
Troll Mother – Forest Child
Hummune – Silence
Hummune – Damaged Truth
Hummune – Frontier
Hummune – Deepened
Victus – Demon
Svalbard – For The Sake Of The Breed
Svalbard – Feminazi
Duskwood – Church of Misery
Libera Scientia – Cloudburst
Solve The Nodus – If I Could
Ariandelle – The Pontiac Bandit
Fissure of Riddles – Ignorance is Blessed
Alex Combes – Florish Gbus
Sun Seth – New Millinum Demi God
Sun Seth – The Forge
Barry Limestone – Electronic Rain
Tirana – Poisoned Chalice

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