Pappa D is back tonight with your weekly dose of epic!
The Gateway To Your Weekend has two hours of epic Melodic Death, Folk, Power and Symphonic themes, along with regular show feature “The Middle of the Show“, 4 back to back brand new or recently released tracks.


This week includes tracks from;

Image may contain: 1 person, on stage, playing a musical instrument and guitar

(Image: Machiavellian God)


Soulfallen – We Are The Sand 00.00.51
Frosttide – Gates Of The Asylum 00.07.56
Kambrium – Cabrakan, God of Mountains 00.16.38
Machiavellian God – Intramorphosis 00.27.15
Xaon – Eros 00.36.01
Vagrant – Darkness During The Reign Of A Black Sun 00.43.57
Kalmah – The Trapper 00.53.15
Burden of Life – Geistesblitz 00.59.25
Akthesis – Tree Of Life 01.07.34
Blodiga Skald – The Curse 01.13.28
Villagers of Ioannina City – Father Sun 01.17.36
Тол Мириам (Tol Miriam) – Баллада о герое (Ballada o geroe) 01.27.00
Bran Barr – Passage – The Curse Of The Manimal 01.34.15
Sworn – Dark Stars And Eternity 01.43.37
Midgard – From Fire 01.49.31



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