The Gateway To Your Weekend starts here, and tonight Pappa D has another 2 great hours of some of your favourite Folk & Melodic Death Metal, along with regular feature “The Middle of the Show“, 4 tracks back to back that are either new or recent releases.

This week features tracks from the likes of;


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(Image: Brezno)


Brezno – Krst 00.00.55
Avven – Tornach 00.09.02
Forsaken Rite – Wolves 00.14.44
Crimfall – The Writ Of Sword 00.20.48
King of Asgard – Omma 00.28.04
Draupnir – Die Nibelungen 00.35.49
Equilibrium – Des Sängers Fluch 00.49.10
Orden Ogan – In The Dawn Of The AI 00.57.30
Paddy and the Rats – Dark After the Night 01.03.35
Varang Nord – Svietņeica 01.07.49
Gernotshagen – Eibengang 01.13.27
Mistur – Tears of Remembrance 01.22.33
Anodhor – Hounds of Tindalos 01.330.52
Fferyllt – Autumn’s Gold 01.41.56
Morhana – The Traveller 01.47.50
Грай (Grai) – Прощание Farewell 01.55.22





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