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The Gateway To Your Weekend starts tonight, Pappa D returns to the airwaves, and this week has 2 hours of Folk, Viking and Melodic Death Metal.

Including regular feature “The Middle of the Show” where he will bring you 4 tracks tracks back to back that are either new or recently released tracks, this week also features tracks from;


(Image: Грай (Grai))


Nomans Land – Strain at the Oars 00.00.46
Грай (Grai) – Годы предсказаний (Years of Prophecy) 00.06.09
Othalan – Czarnobóg 00.14.38
Vanaheim – The Dwarven Chant 00.20.44
Falkenbach- Farewell 00.26.41
Lappalainen – The Truth Impozed by My Axe 00.34.55
Cnoc An Tursa – The Spellbound Knight 00.42.08
Vanir-Fimbul 00.49.11
Deathwhite – Plague of Virtue 00.57.43
Dawn Of Solace – Ashes 01.01.54
Nephylim – Remembrance 01.08.01
Demonshire – No One Dies Alone 01.15.51
Valkenrag – Nordwind 01.21.20
Einherjer – Dreamstorm 01.27.13
Forgotten North – Krieger 01.34.02
Morgarten – Path In The Darkness 01.40.04
Northland-Withering Rose 01.46.13
Heidra – Where Darkness Dwells 01.53.29



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