The Gateway To Your Weekend starts right here tonight on Metal Meyhem Radio, and this week Pappa D has a show where “normal service” has resumed.. he has 2 hours of Power Metal, Melodic Death Metal and a large portion of Nordic Metal.

This week’s epic journey features tracks from;

Sinbreed – Broken Wings
Statius – Moonlight Tragedies
Midgard (Ukraine) – King of the Mountain
Valhalore – Guardians of Time
Glittertind – Rolands Kvadet
Grimner – Res Er Mina Söner
Midvintersblot – Skymning
Kivimetsan Druidi – The Lost Captains
Ereb Altor – En Synd Svart Som Sot
Sell Sword – Unto the Breach
Civil War – Dead Mans Glory
Borknagar – The Fire That Burns
Cloak – Tempter’s Call
Falconer – Per Tyrssons döttrar i Vänge
Primalfrost – Cathartic Quest (An End To Tyranny Part II)
Lumsk – Skip Under Lide
Irminsul – Vigridslätt
Dalriada – Hajdútánc

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