Ritual of the Fourth with Elliot November 7th

Elliot 7th November 2019


Following last week’s mile marker 100th Ritual of the Fourth show, Elliot has been extremely busy this week conducting interviews for future shows, as well as taking care of personal business.. so this week we bring you a show from the vault.

With just 2 days to go until Winter Assault 2, Elliot requested that we bring you this particular show to prepare you for what lies ahead this weekend.


Elliot is joined by Voices guitarist Sam who gives us an insight into the progression the band have taken over the course of their 3 genre defying albums and a little hint of what to expect when they headline the Green Door Store.

Support on the night comes from Blood CountessAklashSathamelWolvencrownShadowflag & ANTE-INFERNO so we’ve got tracks from each band PLUS new and unreleased tracks from Shrine of InsanabilisÚlfarrTragediens TroneCLOAKDEATH WOLFAngmaer, Sartegos, Blot & Bod & Vukari.


This week include tracks;

(Image: Voices)


Elliot – Ritual Of The Fourth 0.00
Shrine of Insanabilis – Parallax Endeavour 1.24
Ulfarr – Part II – Hate & Terror 7.42
Tragediens Trone – Cold Depths of Solitude 12.25
Cloak – A Voice in the Night 17.21
Blood Countess – Goddess of Pain 22.47
Aklash – All Noble Deeds Are Touched with Melancholy 26.11
Sathamel – Whispers of a Husk 34.59
Voices – This Too Shall Pass 38.44
Elliot – Voices Interview Part 1 0.44.10
Voices – Unknown 52.21
Elliot – Voices Interview Part 2 0.56.39
Voices – Vicarious Lover 1.05.44
Wolvencrown – Forest of Bleak 1.11.32
Shadowflag – The Beasts That Perish 1.17.18
Ante-Inferno – At Length the Darkness Parted and We Beheld the Fiery Abyss 1.22.18
Death Wolf – Empower The Flame 1.29.15
Angmaer – As the Rivers Flow with Blood 1.32.43
artegos – Sangue e Noite 1.40.00
Blot & Bod – Hug 1.45.15
Vukari – Vacating Existence (The Final Departure) 1.48.25



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