Ritual of the Fourth with Elliot May 28th

Elliot 28th May 2020


This evening’s episode of the Ritual of the Fourth covers all things new in the world of death, doom and black metal. Elliot joins you from 9pm with a bag full of the latest tracks and forthcoming releases.

Tonight’s show includes music from,

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(Image: Enslaved)


Afsky – Tyende Sang
Valravne – Some Kind of Vampire
Enslaved – Homebound
Okkultokrati – Grimoire Luciferian Dream (feat. Ruben Willem)
Armagedda – Evigheten i en obrytbar cirke
Old Corpse Road – Sea Fire
Methwitch – Indwell
Make Them Die Slowly – Pieces
The Rite – Necromancy
The Path of Memory – Don’t Worry About Me
Paradise Lost – The Devil Embraced
Devil With No Name – Monad
Corpsing – Black Ocean
Gaerea – Null
Dearth – Death Sown in Polluted Soil
Vspolokh – В Загробье
Lungtoucher – The Frozen Morning Star
Forlesen – Nightbridge



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