The 1st Ritual of the new decade is upon us and to kick things off properly, Elliot brings us part 2 of the best of UK Black Metal, highlighting just how diverse, talented and strong the UK scene is right now. Support your local Black Metal band!

This evening’s Ritual of the Fourth includes past and present tracks from,


(Image: Deitus )


Elliot – Ritual of the Fourth 0.00
Deitus – Hallowed Terror 00.35
Heathen Deity – The Flames of the Gathering Darkness 5.48
Ulfarr – Part II 12.12
Jøtnarr – Hermit 16.59
And Now The Owls Are Smiling – The Hollowness Of Existence 20.47
Fen – Breath of Void 29.17
A Forest of Stars – Drawing Down The Rain 35.24
Lungtoucher – Griever 44.18
Gråt Strigoi – Swallowing Darkness 48.08
Antre – Suffer the Light 53.08
Caïna – No Princes in Hell 1.00.18
Psuchagōgoi – Hexagonal Cemeteries 1.03.48
Code – In the Privacy of Your Own Bones 1.12.55
Auri – The Crown of Doubt 1.18.42
Wodensthrone – The Great Darkness 1.26.23
Haar – Extinction 1.34.17
Saor – The Declaration 1.42.47
Valaraukar – Harnessing of Hostile Forces 1.53.35



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