Jamie is back this week with a brand new Not The Punk Rock Show, and has some of the Punk Rock tunes you should be listening to.

On This week’s show, he has tracks from;

Extinction of Mankind – Storm of Resentment
Khoti Tuhoa – Ihmisen Kasvot
Mere Mortal – Vengeance and Retribution
Ubik – John Wayne(Is a cowboy and is on twitter)
Blazing Eye – Kill You
Cliterati – Break Up Song
Haavat – Eksynet
Negativ – Avoid (The social radiation)
Sanction This! – Fire Fight
Anthrax(UK) – P.P.B.
Lost Cherees – Blank Pages
Basic Dicks – Material
Sievehead – Last Words
Anxious Living – An Ideal World
UV TV – Hide
Bodega – Shiny New Model
New Model Army – Never Arriving
Loose Knives – Phantasmagoria
OutSkirts – Shame Game
Electric Chair – Low
Chain Whip – Smug
Long Knife – The Tower

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