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Jamie returns this evening with a brand new Not The Punk Rock Show, and as always has a show filled with some of the best up and coming Punk Rock bands.

This week’s show features tracks from;

Politician – M.D.C.
Dope – Electric Chair
Low – Electric Chair
?e? S??ftesa? – Mati
Walk In Shapes – Fetish
Toisella Puolella – Khoti Tuhoa
Concrete – Chain Whip
Lizard – Peach Club
People In The Sun – Powerplant
Creature – Secret Shame
Looking After You – Hammered Hulls
Selling, Sucking, Blackmail, Bribes – Civic
Trop Vieux Pour Mourir – Cuir
City Killer – MC16
Showing Off – Hagar The Womb
Inch High Prtivate Eye – Bamboo Vipers
Mainstream Media – Vice Squad
Nazi Disco – The Briefs
Break Up, Make Up – The Darts(US)
Misery – The Wound
Feral Socialist – Misery Guts
Blood and Sweat – Powerage
Knifed – Frisk
Weapon X – Super X
I Just Want To Have Some Fun – dotx3
Rubble Shrine – Bruised
Grease Monkey – Uranium Club
John Wayne(Is a Cowboy and is on Twitter) – Ubik
Adult Baby – Basic Human
Not Coming Back – Sore Points
Bonglord – Zero Negative
Millions of Dead Goths – Pizzatramp
Barrels(Scrape Me) – Lost Cherrees
Empty Rewards – Casual Nausea
No Pasaran – Slalom D
Love For Sale – Lurk
Earth Bound – Anxious Living
Oceans Lullaby – CF98
Hey Boff! – Snuff
Lies To Survive – State Funeral
Champagne Socialist – The Conscripts
You’re Good – Heavy Discipline
Maze of Desolation – Implement
Repeat Offenders – C.H.E.W.
No Concillation – Rat Cage
Kill The Messenger – Poison Idea

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