Jamie is back this evening, and has another 2 hours of Punk Rock, Fuzz Rock and a general racket on this week’s Not The Punk Rock Show.

This week he features tracks from;


(Image: Gouge Away)


Power Hungry Maniacs – Rat Cage
Fruity Funhouse – Cement Shoes
I am Dagger – Negativ
Binary – Red Hare
Appetite For Distraction – Natterers
Your Memory – Tight Night
Parts Unknown – Super Unison
That’s What You Get – Murder City Devils
Hounds – Ötzi
Straightedge/Despot – anarchistwood
Blue Rinse Haggard Robot – Inner City Unit
We Harvest Just Shadows – Deviated Instinct
Read – Bacchae
Salems Paranoia – Implement
Escalator Teeth/On and On – Metz
(One Less Thing)Before I Die – Death Valley Girls
Casualties – Habits
Throw Up – Dirty Few
Don’t Back Down – Marys Kids
Too Weak – Gilb
Digestion – Shrimpwitch
Beast – Led By Fear
Divination – Solarized
Excuse – Heksa
Barron Wasteland – ISS
Hot Wheels – Ex White
Hands and Eyes – Primitive Teeth
Spit – Leather Lickers
Action – Lux
Cease/Commence – Mind Rays
Suicide Bag – Action Pact
Corparate Realness – Dream Nails
War – DOA
Blue is Beautiful – Make Up
Bad Advice – Contenders
Drugs – Burnout
Stray – Gouge Away
Gilded Nightmare – Dialer
Cup of Stars – Bratakus
I Just Wanna Have Some Fun – dot3x
20 Years – Restarts
Coward – Warthog
Down on my Knees – The Crucifucks



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