Jamie is back tonight, and firing on all cylinders following feeling unwell last week, and has a show filled with some of the best Punk bands on the circuit today.

This week features tracks from;



Retrospect – Gel
The Machine – Resource Network
Troglodyte – Terra Soror
Deja F.U. – The Hip Priests
Fake News – Spam Javelin
Overdrive – The Problem Addicts
The Lie is as Good as The Medicine – Pi$$er
El Sistema – Reducidos
Your Toxic – Out Cold
Race Against Time – G.B.H.
Pressure – Slalom D
A House is Not a Motel – Fetish
Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure – Moon Human
Flower Violence – Moral Panic
Gelded Eyes – Maladia
Everything Ugly – Bacchae
Living Dead – Raw Mud
Plastic – Primitive Teeth
Paint It Black – Kriegshog
Tunnel Vision – Fatigue

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