Jamie is back with this week’s Not The Punk Rock Show, 2 hours of Punk Rock, Fuzz Rock and Garage Rock from some of the best up and coming bands on the circuit.

This week’s show features tracks from;

(Image: Who Killed Nancy Johnson)


Basic Shapes – Credo
Liquids – Fire
Mini Skirt – Brigantine St.
Subdued – Sanctuary is Nowhere
Pi$$er – Job
Geld – Forces at Work
TV Face – Happy Delusions
Cool Jerks – The Drudge
Who Killed Nancy Johnson – Who Killed Nancy Johnson
G.B.H. – No Survivors
Nic Śmiesznego – Struś
Matildas Scoundrels – Rose Selavy (To Make a Toast To Life)
No Blues – Exploding Hearts
The Tacks – One Last Goodbye
The Prostitutes – Shake, Rattle, Die
Casual Nausea – Fuck The Sea
Cadenaxo – Indestructible
Bombardment – Abyssal Grave
Kalle Hygien – Absolute Bomber
Thee MVPs – A Pining Replicant
Dead Kennedys – Take This Job and Shove it
Pink Fairies – Do It
Andy T – Bring Whatever You Expect To Find
The Mob – Rise Up!
Inner City Unit – Raj Neesh
Here and Now – This Time
Misty in Roots – Oh Wicked Man
The Ruts – Savage Circle
Zounds – True Love
InErrant – June 1st 1985
Radical Dance Faction – Tension Town
Crow People – Strolling
Culture Shock – Punks on Postcards
The Fall – Blindness
Hawkwind – Silver Machine(Requiem).



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