Jamie is back tonight with a brand new Not The Punk Rock Show, and features some of the hardest working bands on the circuit.
2 hours of Fuzz Rock, Garage and Punk Rock, this week includes tracks from;

(Image: The Clash 1982)


Safe European Home – The Clash
Bleeding Out – Epic Problem
Too Jittery For Magic – Haest
Sleeping on Cardboard – MC16
Self Made Man – Cable Ties
Clean Kill – Coriky
O Death is Coming – TV Face
Ruling Class Loser – Stray Bullet
Consider – Gouge Away
No Choice – Attestor
American Catastophre – Sinful Maggie
Buscaba Amor – Club de Gallos
Living Dead Blues – Music Kills
Disappointment – My Latest Failure
Stronger Than All Prisons – Brigadir
Weekend – Filthy Few
La Granja – Mundo Roto
Write Off – Big Cheese
Feed it, Kill it, Feed it Again – Blind Eye
Castle of Unrest – The Woodsman
Power Tool – Soakie
Never Feel Alright – Total Rejects
Oh Howard – The Pristeens
Rubberhead – Phone Jerks
These Streets – The Rats
No Money No Peace – Dealing With Damage
Isolation Du Plenty – Mr Wrong
Progress (or Lack Of) – Klammer
Change – Strange Lips
Stimulation – Permission
Power Abuse – Circle None
I Feel Better Now – Clamm
Peace and Love – Fried E/M
Too Old For The Punk Rock Shows – Sawn Offs
Complacency – Whats Your Damage?
Drink To My Demons – The Hip Priests
Written In The Star – Dramalove
Denied – Chemical Waves (Feat Bedless Bones)
Don’t Kiss Me In Public – Special Interest
Glass Rain – Scenius
Ether – Gang of Four



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