Jamie welcomes you back to Part 2 of the 2019 Year in Review on this week’s Not The Punk Rock Show. Filled with new releases and the tracks that made an impression, and despite it name, this show “May Contain Traces of Punk Rock”… Listener Beware!!


This week sees tracks included from;

(Image: Spermbirds)


So Punk – Urgent Matter
Terrorist in Waiting – Subhumans
137995 – Pizzatramp
Walk in Shapes – Fetish
Visible Woman – Hagar The Womb
Monte Rio – Kicker
All Along The Uxbridge Road – Chubby and the Gang
Can of Worms – Danger!man
I Don’t Want To Die – Overwhelmed
Whose Cause – Bad Breeding
Vägra Lyden Toppen – Vidro
What a Life – Sanction This
Kings of the Spanish Oi Scene – Snuff
Gacked on Anger – Amyl and the Sniffers
You Can Hvae It – Hank Woods and the Hammerheads
Break Up, Make Up – Darts(US)
Foriegn Policy – Diät
I’m Tired of your repeating story – Otoboke Beaver
Elevator Shaft – ISS
John Wayne(is a cowboy and is on twitter) – Ubik
Last Call – The Coathangers
Call For You – Priors
Company Man – Vintage Crop
Plastic for the People – Nylex
An Ideal Living – Anxious Living
Arterial Moments – Girls in Synthesis
Big Mouth – Petrol Girls
Definitely Infrared Radiation Sickness – Uranium Club
Acid – Game
Cold, Raw System – The Domestics
Slow Dying Officer Kane – Axe Rash
Theft Utopia – Negative Space
Nazi Disco – The Briefs
Rotten to the Core – CF98
Stand For Nothing – The Hip Priests
I Dare To Breathe – Vice Squad
Good Boy – Sniffany and the Nits
Aw Naw – No Collusion
Build and Break – Tørsö
The Rhythm of Brutality – Physique
La Bestia – Reducidos
Yacht Club – MEAT
Forgot about the bomb – Asbestos Beach
Dildo Baggins – Unsanitary Napkin
A Quarter To The End of the World – Spermbirds
20 Years – The Restarts.



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