This week on Not The Punk Rock Show, Jamie looks back on 2019 and showcases some of the bands he’s played on the show in the past 12 months.

In part 1, these are the bands he has included for this special edition of Not The Punk Rock Show;

(Image: Powersolo)


(This man will self destruct in) T Minus – The Losing Streaks
Trop Viuex Pour Mourir Jeune – Cuir
PEA – Stiff Richards
No Delight – Bad Affair
Terror – ToT
Howling Mind – Enzyme
Careful Extracts – Vital Idles
Electro Shock – Lurk
The Solution (is Resistance) – Haram
No Comprimise – Armoured Flu Unit
Corporate Realness – Dream Nails
Too Broke For Justice – Hood Rats
M66 – Ukepunk
Bromidic Thrills – Imperial Wax
Shibboleth – Pinch Points
Chain Reaction – Control Top
Burn It Down – MC16
On and On – Liines
Down and Out in Chinatown – Man Eaters
Lies to Survive – State Funeral
Hey Mr Dogman! – Powerplant
Last Century Man – Vile Assembly
Monuments of Faith – Pawns
Cease/Commence – Mind Rays
Sans Issues – Better Off Dead
Hair So Big – Urochromes
Not Coming Back – Sore Points
No Pasaran – Slalom D
Looking at the Strangers – Unholy Alliance
Fear Generation – Rat Pack
Building a Disco – Riviera Kid
Fair – Pedigree
The Lie is as Good as The Medicine – Pisser
Pre Tense – Purple X
Cokehead – Pink Room
Ballad of Oiwa – Otzi
Lights Out – No Pulse
Nothing To Do – Mitraille
Manana – Lux
Fat Skeleton – Homeless Cadaver
The Great Mutato – F. Emasculata
Low – Electric Chair
Don’t Trust Anyone – Crudez
Boots On The Ground – Gutter Knife
Calm – Secret Shame
Backstab – Powersolo

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