Jamie is back with this week’s Not The Punk Rock Show and has 2 hours of heavy hitting Punk Rock, that this week features the likes of;


(Image: Satan Takes A Holiday)


Tell Them Where to Go – Cable Ties
Breathe – Interrobang?
Tenderloin – Spiritual Cramp
Charmed to the Teeth – dragSTER.2×4 – Constant Mongrel
7.Triangle – Haldol
Cry Wolf – Hysterese
Industrial Estate – The Fall
Bad Day – He Who Cannot Be Named
BBC – Thee MVP’s
Death of an Idiot Blues – Poison Idea
Haunting – L.A. Witch
Samaritans – Idles
Gyrate – Bodega
White Flash – Scumbag Millionaire
Deaths Hand/Brainwasher – Warthog
Killing For a God – Rat Cage
The Aggressor – Stigmatism
No Privacy – Implement
Lurk – Lurk
Worthless Soul – Sievehead
Lifeless and Pathetic – Extinction of Mankind
The Rhthmn of Brutality – Physique
Death Cult – Misantropic
Last Gasp – Noxeema
Shuck and Jive – Mass Arrest
Combat – Lux
Fatality in Fuxville – Born Sick
Total 90 – Ditz
Vägra Lyden Toppen – Vidro
Beaten Brats – Beaten Brats
Good Boy – Sniffany and the Nits
Breakdown – Buzzcocks
What Do You Want? – Overwhelmed
Ride On – Sedition
Disgust – Blue Print
In My Own Movie – Berlin Blackouts
Plastic For People – Nylex
Can of Worms – Danger!Man
Turbulence – Gel
Lower Animals – Mononegatives
Blow – Satan Takes A Holiday
Oh No Oh Yeah! – The Hypnophonics
Into The Sky(out of my mind) – Avskum

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