For your fill of some of the best up and coming Punk Rock bands, be sure to tune in tonight to Not The Punk Rock Show with Jamie.

He has 2 hours of Punk Rock, Fuzz and Garage Rock, and this week features the likes of;

Plastic Bomb – Poison Idea
All along the Uxbridge Road – Chubby and the Gang
Detanator – Kill the Colossi
Boots on the Ground – Gutter Knife
Gaslighter – Hagar the Womb
Say Goodbye – We Are The Asteroid
Everybody Cool – Belair Lip Bombs
Realise – Sanction This!
Noise Square – C.H.E.W.
Nil by Mouth – Nancy No Shoes
Invisible – Overwhelmed
Trou Noir – Cuir
Dream Cleaver – Death Valley Girls
Pressure – Fait Accompli
Escape Plan – Mobina Galore
Ruby – Peach Club
Phantasmagoria – Loose Nukes
Ihmisen Kasvot – Khoti Tuhoa
Not Alright – Sore Points
Gracies – Obsessio
You Swallowed It – Brazen Hussy
Jobcentremaßname – rauchen
Lights Out – No Pulse
Shams – No Collusion
I’ll Never Forget You – Litovsk
A Display of Force – Flexing
Niente Rimane – Destinazione Finale
False Connection – Demodex
Where Were You On 911 – Haram
Tunnel Vision – Lurk
Theft Utopia – Negative Space
Get Away – Flipper
Cotard – Irreal
Life Time Member – Pinch Points
Medicine – Speed Plans
Suffer – The Eyelids
The Lie Is As Good As The Medicine – Pi$$er
Scam Likely – Mock Identity
Velvet Casino – Civic
Deaths Hand/Brainwasher – Warthog
In Bestia – Reducidos
Written Words – Hammered Hulls
Calm – Secret Shame
I Don’t Want To Grow Up – Decendents

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