It’s the weekend, and once again time for this week’s round of #FirstPlays with JayRock.
Featuring some of the best local bands from around the world, playing Melodic Heavy Rock, Metalcore, Nu-Metal & anything in between, this week’s show includes tracks from;

Dream Awake – Obsession
Sawyer Paths – Breaking Point
Ambers – Meager Skies
Temples – Fog Lights
MYOK – Kiss
Youth In Retrospect – Out of Time
Never Say Never – Wicked
Zepher – Problems
Whatever Forever – Bury Me
Dacian Miron – Feelin’ Dangerous
I Will Break Thee – Welcome To My Kingdom
Silverthorne – Tear The Sky Wide Open
Atlas – Veli
The Standby – Drawing Out The Hurt
Rare Words – Numbered
Sondag – Half
Flight Paths – Weathered & Broken
When Water Runs Deep – Flourish
Day X Day – Montgomery Burns
Assume Nothing – Signs of Misery
**OTOTW** Scars of Protest – Switchblade
Altona – My Thoughts (WIll Be The Death of Me)
Asymmetry of Ego – One Step Closer
Defending Cain – Southtown
Cerebellion – Savior


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