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​LARS Promotions are a Littlehampton promotions company dedicated to bringing you the best of the up and coming bands from around the UK. For too long nights out have been dominated with covers bands playing the same songs and no alternative available.


LARS Promotions believe it is time for the next generation of musical acts to be put centre stage, and given the chance to rock your night out. Their aim is to educate as well as entertain, and prove that live, original music can give you just as good night out as any covers band, if not better.



LARS Promotions was initially set up as the Littlehampton Alternative Rock Society in 2015. It was formed by six individuals who were unhappy with the state of live music in Littlehampton, mainly; there simply wasn’t enough. Yes there were some pubs and clubs offering music events, but there was nothing to look forward too, no regular event, and nothing in the way of a dedicated rock and metal night, it was time for change.

They decided that a dedicated night would give the alternative scene, and of course anyone else who wanted to join us, a specialised night catering to them. Not only did they want to run these nights to make sure they were a success, but they wanted to do more. Their aim was to bring you the best of the up-and-coming alternative musicians from the surrounding areas, introducing them to Littlehampton, and hopefully gaining them a whole host of new fans in the process.

LARS Promotions are not just about the music, they are about the people, and they want to keep you entertained. ​


“We were honoured to host local band Tellurium’s debut album release party as the initial event in August 2016. With this event we wanted to give everyone the chance to meet us and introduce who LARS Promotions are, and what we are about. We had three amazing bands with Tellurium being supported by two other local bands; Harsh Times, and Small Town Silence. The evening was a tremendous hit and in January 2017 we began hosting regular events down at The Crown in Littlehampton.”


​In June 2017 they decided that they wanted to do more for the music scene, not just in Littlehampton, but the surrounding area as well, so in July 2017 they were incorporated and formed L.A.R.S. Promotions Limited. This has given the opportunity to begin planning bigger and better things for the area and they look forward to announcing these exciting developments in the coming months.

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