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This week’s #MusicMonday choice comes via Woman Crush Wednesday host Lauren.   Lauren’s choice comes from Dutch symphonic rockers DELAIN   The five albums on their name include guest performances from the titans of the scene, among others: Sharon Den Adel (WITHIN TEMPTATION), Marco Hietala (NIGHTWISH), Alissa White-Gluz (ARCH ENEMY), Burton C. Bell (FEAR FACTORY). […]

This week’s #MusicMonday choice comes from #FirstPlays and The Active Rock Chart host JayRock.   JayRock’s choice is from 14 North, an American hard rock band from Jacksonville, FL.   The track first appeared on the January 4th edition of #FirstPlays, and was also picked as Ondy’s Track of the Week.       The project […]

This week’s #MusicMonday choice, comes via The Midnight Hour and is the choice of Midnight Furie.   The first #MusicMonday choice of 2020 comes from Lincolnshire UK based Plexx.   Plexx is a brand new 2 piece nu metal band from Lincolnshire UK, the band consists of Richard Coe guitar/vocals (also of 7 Sense) and […]

This week’s #MusicMonday choice comes from our very own Instagram Queen Lysette.   The final #MusicMonday track of 2019 to see us into the New Year comes from Los Angeles California based Sifting.   SIFTING is a progressive metal band from Los Angeles, CA that consistently push the boundaries of technical musicianship beyond that of […]

This week’s #MusicMonday comes by way of  the On Air team, and is the choice of The South (UK) Metal & Rock host Sam.   Sam’s choice comes from ALCEST, who was founded in 2000 by songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Neige and later joined by drummer Winterhalter in 2009.   Labeled as pioneers of post metal/shoegaze or […]

This week’s #MusicMonday comes via the Press Team once again, and is the choice of Lexi.   Played this past weekend on #FirstPlays with JayRock, Lexi’s choice comes from Adelaide-based rock outfit alt. Formed earlier this month in December, alt. were reformed from the band formally known as After Change, and have just released the […]

This week’s #MusicMonday choice falls to the home of Folk, Melodic Death, Pirate & Symphonic Metal Pappa D.   Intrepid black metallers Borknagar, in partnership with Century Media, mark their return with resplendent new album, True North.   The Norwegians spent the better part of three years writing and rebuilding the lineup—Borknagar are now Øystein G. Brun (guitars), Simen […]

This week’s #MusicMonday choice comes via our Punk Rock guru Jamie from Not The Punk Rock Show.   Jamie’s choice comes from Oakland California based Ötzi, a dark post-punk trio comprised of singer & bassist Akiko Sampson, singer & drummer Gina Marie, and guitarist K. Dylan Edrich. They are known for their intricate songwriting and […]

This week’s #MusicMonday choice comes via the Press Team, and is the choice of our very own Squirrel.   Formed in the autumn of 2016 Cyanide Sundae have drawn from an array of influences to add distinction to the contemporary hard rock songs they create.   Any one of their songs from their extensive catalogue will […]

This week’s #MusicMonday choice comes by way of Ritual of the Fourth host Elliot. Elliot’s choice comes from South UK black metal band Crimson Throne.   A year after their debut album ‘Of Void & Solitude’, Crimson Throne have made a new offering. The track is taken from the 7″ The Resilience Of Life & […]