Comedic Rock Act Sons of Butcher Share Collective Fan Quarantine Music Video “Lockdown Phase One”

Written by on 3rd July 2020

Sons of Butcher, Canada’s most formidable “mock rock” band has a new collection of music out, aptly named “Lockdown In Steeltown”, themed around the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is the first release from the band in four years, and it comes right after the announcement that Sons of Butcher will be creating a third season of their show themselves with the entire original team.


Sons of Butcher wrote the EP in the spring right when quarantine measures were enforced around the world and it goes through some of the experiences that SOB would likely be facing during that time. Initially, the track “Quaranteen” was meant to be a one-off, but more lockdown themed lyrics kept coming and an entire EP was forged. Meant to be a distraction from all the craziness.


Sons of Butcher explains the EP:
“This EP is a look into the lives of these cartoon rockers as they’re forced to lockdown in place in their hometown of Steeltown. Each character is coping in their own way and has their own song to express it.”


Today, the band shares their new music video “Lockdown Phase One” filmed collectively with fans in their own personal lockdowns.


The Sons of Butcher add: 
“Sol Butcher sings about the new rules in the pandemic lockdown in Steeltown! We asked our fans to join us on zoom to rock out to the song and they answered the call!! We dedicate this to our loyal and devoted Patreon fans and all the other hardcore SOB fans that have stuck with us over the years!”



Singing about meat, sex, and everything in between, they are a mixed bag of rude unapologetic party rock from the bowels of Steeltown. Fans can expect much more from Sons of Butcher as they are just ramping up and will be starting the new season of the show as soon as they complete the pilot.

Recommended for fans of Tenacious D, Spinal Tap, and Van Halen, Sons of Butcher’s new EP “Lockdown In Steeltown” is available on Bandcamp, Spotify, and Apple Music.




Music Video – “Speaking Moistly”


Track Listing:
1. Lockdown Phase One (1:35)
2. Quaranteen (1:10)
3. Fuckin’ Confused (1:11)
4. Speaking Moistly (2:18)
5. Lockdown in Steeltown (3:35)
EP Length: 9:51


EP Band Line Up:
Ricky Butcher – Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums
Doug Borski – Vocals
Sol Butcher – Vocals
Colin Van Ham Steak – Lead Guitar

Live Band Line Up:
Ricky Butcher – Vocals, Guitar
Doug Borski – Vocals, Bass
Sol Butcher – Vocals
Sausage Ralph – Drums
Colin Van Ham Steak – Lead Guitar


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