Creature Creature release Two Finger Tantrum July 10th

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Creature Creature release their stunning debut album Two Finger Tantrum’, out on their own independent label Creature Eats Records on the tenth of July.

Creature Creature are a five piece indie punk-rock band based in Brighton, England. Topical thought provoking lyrics, lightning fast guitar hooks with complex arrangements and intelligent songwriting are what’s separating them from the rest of the UK scene.



Scully – Vocals
Zeus – Guitars
Dave Cobley – Bass
Seb Cole – Keys
Matt Hill – Drums




Formed in 2016 but then known as 40 Shillings on the Drum with a folk/punk sound it wasn’t until 2018 where Creature Creature found their place in the world and finalised their current lineup and the monster was born.

June 2019 saw Scully and the Creatures commence work on their debut album Two Finger Tantrum and to make sure this was an album taken seriously they not only had the songs but brought in Tommy Gleeson (Slaves To Gravity frontman and Feeder guitarist) and recorded at Brighton Electric Studios. Gleeson was a fan of their sound and DIY work ethic after meeting at Beautiful Days Festival the previous year.


“Two Finger Tantrum has been a lifetime of waiting” says front man Scully “We’ve all been involved in various musical projects over the years but nothing with such a strong commitment and passion as this. To of finished this roller-coaster and have it in our hands is real special moment for us all!”


This is evident from the first sixty seconds of album opener Four Star Blackout. A punk-rock banger full of guitar hooks and straight-shootin lyrics that the likes of Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes would be proud of. Straight away you get an idea of why guitarist Zeus has the name there isn’t any messing about across the entire album from this superb musician.


“When ‘Four Star Blackout’ originally came to me I had always intended for it to be packed full of aggression in the vein of The Cooper Temple Clause and The Subways’ angrier moments. Our producer Tommy Gleeson was able to coax out parts of my playing that were outside my comfort zone, but I believe it improved on my overall style both during the recording process and going forward.” Creature guitarist Zeus said.


Straight away you get an idea of why guitarist Zeus has the name he has, there isn’t any messing about across the entire album from the almighty axe hero!

A defining star quality about Creature Creature is the incredible lyric detail through the album which has been lost in the UK rock scene for some time now but with poignant subject matter with songs like ‘Beggars on the Street’ addressing Brighton’s heartbreaking homeless situation.

Second single and the oldest song in the Creature catalogue ‘Broken Windows’ giving a nod to their folk punk past this has been a very apt song lyrically during the lockdown from the covid pandemic with a belting line of “A tumbleweed in disguise rolling up our once, buzzing high street”.

Debut single and fan live favourite Video Nasty had the band taking on the big budget video with a clever Eighties theme


“The song takes its inspiration from the films which went on to become the video nasties of the 80’s but from my standpoint that people don’t turn bad because of the influence of tv, film and music. There has to be some demons present within them in one form or another for such entertainment to have a negative effect. I also threw in a few of the video nasty film titles into the lyrics, along with referencing a little of my own experience of renting videos when I was a child.” Says vocalist Scully.


Third single ‘The Early Days’ although has the anthemic attitude and prowess of something that Frank Turner would stake to claim the theme behind it as why does the excitement and energy fade away from relationships most things in life for that matter. The Early Days showcases the strong musical capabilities of drummer Matty Hill who can hold his own with most professionals coming out of the Brighton scene.

“When you listen to this album you can feel the blood, sweat and tears that both the band and Tommy Gleeson put into this record and we’re excited to find out what people make of it!” says Scully.
“The record is called ‘Two Finger Tantrum’ (a phrase from opener, ‘Four Star Blackout’), and we wanted to centre the artwork around that image. We gave our designer, Sam Hayles of Doseprod (Pitchshifter, The Rocket Dolls, Skindred) the brief of wanting a child central to the image, putting his fingers up to men in suits. It’s pretty self explanatory when you see the image, but Sam really went above and beyond our expectations with this piece and has created something which we believe looks truly iconic”.


Creature Creature have already made waves and picked up accolades such as various tracks of the day, tracks of the week, video of the day, features with Guy Bellamys Great Music Stories and radio plays across Metal Meyhem Radio, Total Rock, MMH, Hard Rock Hell, RWSfm, Hailsham FM to name but a few.

Creature Creature have teamed up with producer Tommy Gleeson (Feeder guitarist and Slaves To Gravity frontman) for Two Finger Tantrum which was recorded at Brighton Electric Studios.


For fans of: Frank Turner, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Dinosaur Pile-Up, Royal Blood.


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