#MusicMonday May 18th

Written by on 18th May 2020

This week’s #MusicMonday choice comes via Metal Ashes Radio Show host James.

James’ choice this week comes from Saint Helens Merseyside based Deified.


Deified are a metal band from Merseyside, they formed in late 2013. Their music is dark, angry, philosophical and down right nihilistic, reflecting on some of the worst parts of today’s status quo. They target key political figures, nuclear annihilation, conscious degradation and even the things that have been happening in their own lives. Deified are here to infect our world with their sound, and their passion for brutality.


The razor-sharp metal five piece have dug deep and produced their most creative studio effort to date – ‘Anthrobscene


A time capsule discussing the modern era; ‘Anthrobscene’ doesn’t hold back with its commentary on social media, the digital revolution, mental health, climate change, politics, and more. The safety is most definitely off with this visceral EP.

Anthrobscene’ is a potent and powerful display of metal, as the Bloodstock M2TM 2015 winners (Merseyside) deliver their best performance to date. With powerful production, mixing, and mastering courtesy of Deified’s guitarist Matthew Pike (MSc), this is a contender for British Metal EP of 2020.


Current Members

Jamie Hughes – Vocals
Matthew Pike – Guitar
Alistair Blackhall – Guitar
Thomas Simm – Bass
Jordan-Stanley Jones – Drums


James’ choice is Apotheosis / Rebirth, and as our Track Of The Week, we will play this every day at 6am, Midday, 6pm and Midnight.




Formed in 2013, Merseyside M2TM Winners (2015), Full debut album ‘Ascension’ release (2015), EP ‘Inhuman Manifesto‘ released (2018). Supported the likes of Exodus, Cattle Decapitation



“Inhuman Manifesto is a tidy little EP from a band with the clout to cause some serious damage on the UK metal scene, and anyone bemoaning the fact that Lamb of God are currently pissing about as a covers band should snag a copy of Inhuman Manifesto immediately…..it fills the gap perfectly!” – Worship Metal

“All the components are there and Deified arrange their music beautifully to create something that the metal purists and casual fans could equally get into” “Deified are one to look for in 2016 and Ascension is the proof.” – Manchester Rocks

“Deified is the resultant offspring of one wild night between Lamb of God and Slayer.” – Into The Void

“Insanely catchy and heavy as hell, it’s a fine way to close the first chapter of the Deified story, and heralds an incredibly bright future ahead.” – Totally Tankered

“Supporting two greats of the genre is not easy, especially when one of them is Exodus but Deified more than held their own as they performed at the 02 Academy.” – Liverpool Sound and Vision

“I can only imagine these guys going from strength to strength” – Burning Fist

“One of the most confident frontmen I’ve seen in a long time.” – Mute Print

“Deified have enough musical balls to kick you in yours. They do what they do very well indeed, and Inhuman Manifesto provides a satisfying hit of groovy metalcore violence.” – Wonderbox Metal




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