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Written by on 16th March 2020

This week’s #MusicMonday choice falls to the home of Folk, Melodic Death, Pirate & Symphonic Metal Pappa D.

From the shadows of an onerous personal road comes Sojourner’s darkest album yet, ‘Premonitions’. Mixing visceral, melancholic lyrics with powerful riffs & crystalline leads, the album is the perfect evolution of the bands first two albums, ‘Empires of Ash’ (2016) and ‘The Shadowed Road’ (2018).


“Like an oncoming storm, ‘Premonitions’ unveils the violent, yet undeniably beautiful stylistic progression of Sojourner’s sound in an exceptional synthesis of folk and atmospheric black metal.” Napalm Records
Whether highlighting the atmospheric influences (“Monolith”), Chloe Bray’s ethereal vocals (“Talas”), or evolving rhythmically around Emilio Crespo’s growls (“Fatal Frame”), Sojourner manages each time to captivate the listener. The mysterious and capricious spirit of unexplored wilderness is directly referring to both the legacy of the Scandinavian extreme metal scene and the charm of instrumental folk interludes. Following the lead of powerful riffs and rhythmic accompaniments, voices of Crespo and Bray, two charismatic pillars of Sojourner’s musical identity, fiercely interact with each other (“Apocalyptic Theatre”), opening a field for the atmospheric journey through melodies of dawn and dark emotional hymns.

Amalgamating a wide range of musical forms and concepts, on their third studio album Sojourner outlines a captivating soundscape, gradually unfolding into a musically unpredictable ode to the unknown. Premonitions is in this sense not only a masterfully told story, but much more a milestone confirming the group’s unique approach towards the genre!”


releases May 8, 2020

Emilio Crespo – Vocals
Mike Lamb – Guitars, Piano, Synth/Keyboards
Chloe Bray – Guitars, Tin Whistle, Vocals
Mike Wilson – Bass
Scotty Lodge – Bass (Live)
Riccardo Floridia – Drums


Premonitions’ releases May 8th on Napalm Records. Pre-order at:



Sojourner is a multi-national folk-influenced atmospheric metal band from Dunedin, New Zealand; Malmö, Sweden; Bergamo, Italy; and Dundee, Scotland.

Follow Sojourner at:

Pappa D’s choice taken from the album is The Deluge, as our Track Of The Week, we will play this every day at 6am, midday, 6pm and Midnight.


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