DOOM ETERNAL track vocal rendition released by Signs of the Swarm frontman

Written by on 25th March 2020

Dave Simonich of SIGNS OF THE SWARM releases vocal rendition of DOOM ETERNAL track

‘The Only Thing They Fear Is You’ by Mick Gordon streaming now


SIGNS OF THE SWARM vocalist David Simonich has teamed up with Cerebral Audio Productions to record a vocal rendition of ‘The Only Thing They Fear Is You‘ from the DOOM Eternal game soundtrack, to celebrate its release.

Watch the video:

 David commented, “As a long time fan, I originally submitted myself to be in the metal choir, and I didn’t get the audition. After this I sat down and thought of a way to be a part of the doom community.. but in my own way. I wanted to celebrate the release of DOOM ETERNAL and decided to demonstrate how awesome vocals would sound on the composure, Mick Gordon’s material. All the way around this was a super fun project and I had a blast!”

SIGNS OF THE SWARM are a five-piece death metal horde hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Combining various styles such as death metal, slam, and hardcore, each song SIGNS OF THE SWARM conjure is sure to maim and crush. With their catchy riffs, raunchy breakdowns, maniacal vocals and off-the-rails, un-apologetically heavy brand of sonic deviance, SIGNS OF THE SWARM have become a vital part of the heavy music underground. New album Vital Deprivation is out now via Unique Leader.



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