RENDEZVOUS POINT share bonus track ‘The Pursuit’

Written by on 2nd December 2019

RENDEZVOUS POINT share bonus track ‘The Pursuit’

New album Universal Chaos out now via Long Branch Records


Norwegian progressive metal band RENDEZVOUS POINT share their new track ‘The Pursuit‘, a bonus track from the recordings of their latest album Universal Chaos which was released 24th May 2019 via Long Branch Records.

Stream or Download ‘The Pursuit‘ here:

Current studio album Universal Chaos is available here:

RENDEZVOUS POINT deliver a fierce and hard hitting energy bomb in the realm of progressive metal. With highly educated and skilled musicians, they are able to push the boundaries within the genre, creating a larger than life sounding experience for the listener as well as for themselves. With heavy drums, rumbling bass, raw guitars, large synthesizer sounds and powerful vocals, they explore new areas of the genre, daring to expand upon that which is already there.

The band are Geirmund Hansen on vocals, Baard Kolstad on drums (Leprous), Petter Hallaråker on guitar, Nicolay Tangen Svennæs on keyboards (Ihsahn, Bernhoft, Emilie Nicolas) and Gunn-Hilde Erstad on bass.

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