SIJJIN to release debut demo, distributed by SEPULCHRAL VOICE – includes NECROS CHRISTOS members

Written by on 14th November 2019

SIJJIN to release debut demo, distributed by SEPULCHRAL VOICE – includes NECROS CHRISTOS members


Sepulchral Voice Records is proud to distribute Sijjin’s striking debut demo, Angel of the Eastern Gate, on cassette tape format.

Although a brand-new entity in name, Sijjin actually includes a wealth of experience within their ranks: both vocalist/bassist Malte Gericke and drummer Iván Hernández hail from underground legends Necros Christos, while fleet-fingered guitarist Ekaitz Garmendia has a long history of thrash with Spain’s Extinction, Legen Beltza, and The Great Wound. Together, under the moniker of Sijjin – Hell is Sijjin / Sijjin is in Hell – the power-trio transcend their past with a powerful iteration of timeless, thrashing death metal.

With Gericke handling the lyrics with his customary aplomb and the whole band writing everything together, it’s no wonder that Angel of the Eastern Gate is a neckbreaking whirlwind of epic deathrash. Sijjin’s execution here is literally sharp – like, RAZOR-fucking-SHARP – and their songwriting suitably surges and sidesteps with malicious intent. Mind-melted solos divebomb with devilish delight, and often. Atop, Gericke’s throat of Hell heralds the hordes onward like the lord of all fevers and plagues.

References to be made include classic Necrovore, The Eyes of Horror-era Possessed, and Blackfire-era Sodom but most especially early Incubus and ’80s Morbid Angel. However, far from being a “blast from the past,” Sijjin recast this noble foundation in the present, seeking hellish victory – which is most undoubtedly assured once Sepulchral Voice releases Angel of the Eastern Gate on CD and vinyl in the coming year. Talks have commenced regarding the label releasing the band’s imminent debut album, but that doom shall dawn some other day…

In the meantime, stream the entirety of Angel of the Eastern Gate at Sijjin’s Bandcamp HERE.

Cassette cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Sijjin’s Angel of the Eastern Gate
1. Introcantation
2. Vorago Of Adullam
3. Trine Immersion
4. Angel Of The Eastern Gate
5. Remnants Of Cambrian Evil


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