#MusicMonday November 18th

Written by on 18th November 2019

This week’s #MusicMonday choice comes by way of Ritual of the Fourth host Elliot.

Elliot’s choice comes from South UK black metal band Crimson Throne.


A year after their debut album ‘Of Void & Solitude’, Crimson Throne have made a new offering.
The track is taken from the 7″ The Resilience Of Life & Death, and can be bought from the band’s Bandcamp page below, and is released by Apocalyptic Witchcraft (EU) & Red River Family (US).



Humanity’s civil landscape shifts throughout history in what can often seem like utterly despotic circumstances. This record is a reflection on the past via the referencing of stark examples.

Antiquity is littered with a vast and varying amount of recorded instances of this. Kings, Queens, Nobles and Rulers have lost themselves fully (Many to a tale of great tragedy), be it physical or mental affliction, which although harmful to the individual, is an in balance which has cost lives and caused great upheaval.



‘Dark and deeply atmospheric, yet so well produced. Channelling chilling and captivating music.’ – Le S




Elliot’s choice is the single The Resilience Of Life, and as our Track Of The Week, we will play this every day at 6am, midday, 6pm and Midnight.



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