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A Warm Saturday night in Littlehampton and I’m back at The Crown this time for Meyfest Vol 1, an event with 4 incredible bands on the bill put on by our very own Metal Meyhem Radio.


This was a fund raising event for the radio station, The man himself, JayRock explains more:

“We put on the night to showcase what the South Coast has to offer, as well as to raise funds to continue to do what we do.. showcase up and coming talent by giving them airplay that mainstream radio would not give them”

“We are underground radio for underground bands, we are The South Coast’s New Rock Alternative”


First up we had Nausicaa.

This band describe themselves as “a no nonsense death metal party hailing from Portsmouth and the surrounding area, bringing and hail of distortion, cymbals and craniums for all the family.”

Well, they certainly kicked off the event to a loud start. Their mix of chunky almost doom like riffs, pounding back beats and powerful vocals grabbed the crowds attention immediately.

Unfortunately the bands usual vocalist was unable to be present for the evening, however the second vocalist who would usually play guitar was absolutely on form. The band split themselves between being up on stage and down on the floor, urging the crowd to come closer to join them in headbanging to their tracks.

This is absolutely a band worth catching live if they come to a venue near you, their set is energetic, heavy and filled with tunes to mosh too.


Next up continuing with the metal vibes we had Hummune.

This band describe themselves as a “Three piece Metal/Rock/Noise machine” and hail from Southampton.

Hummune (Immune to humans) also split between floor and stage to get right into the crowd themselves, encouraging the crowd to come closer. Their set was filled with hard hitting, guitar screaming, dynamic tracks. The track “Silence” starts off with a guitar wailing riff with a driving back beat behind it before kicking off with the gritty, raw vocals over the back beat and a heavier riff.

The guys performance was a wave of relentless energy, the bassist never stood still apart from to take to the mic, constantly merging into the crowd. Their set is tight and well rehearsed, flowing from one track to the next with ease. If they’re playing near you, I recommend you catch them.


Next to take to the stage the first of the evenings co-headliners, Aren Drift.

This band is female fronted and describe themselves as using a “mix of classic rock with international influences and heavy melodic riffs.” moving away a bit from the heavier bands on prior but still packing a punch.

Hailing from Worthing/Brighton area, the band are no strangers to this venue and it was a pleasure to have them back again for this event.

They have really tightened their set up and their sound is better than ever, you can really see the guys passion for their music in their performance on stage.

The track “Snow Queen” starts off with a haunting yet melodic guitar intro and breathy vocals then launches into a heavy riff, pounding back beat and Radka’s vocals, powerful and passionate over the top.

On the track “Passion Kills“, Radka let her own passion fly, downing her guitar and taking to the mic, she really threw herself into the music and her performance, coming down from the stage into the crowd to get them all moving with the band.

A truly epic performance from these guys, a powerful, flowing set that if you get the chance to see, definitely take it!



And last but not least the second co-headliner of the event, Cyanide Sundae.

Describing themselves as “Blending a unique spin on HardRock and Metal“, it’s easy to see why these guys have gathered the following they now have.

Kicking off their set with a pounding rock beat and upbeat track, “Can’t Run Can’t Hide”  really gets your feet moving and head bopping.

The driving rhythm of the back beat and funky bass riff, heavy guitar riff and slightly southern rock style vocals on this one set the pace for the rest of their fast paced, energetic set.

The track “Let Me Out Of Here” is slightly slower paced with a heavier tone. The soulful yet gritty vocals give this track the hard rock feel with  a catchy hook to get the crowd joining in, while the chunky guitar and bass riff give it that heavier edge along with the pounding drum beat.

Their whole set flowed effortlessly and the band have a great vibe to them, mixing a little humour inbetween the tracks as well.


What an event. 4 bands, one night, epic music.


Huge thanks goes out to Lars Promotions for helping with set up and organising.

Thanks to all the bands for their amazing sets, and helping us to raise funds.

Thanks to The Crown for hosting,

And Thanks to Metal Meyhem Radio for bringing this showcase to us and organising such a fantastic event.


Keep Rockin’

Squirrel x

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