What Role Does Music Play in Our Life?

Written by on 17th April 2019

It is hard to picture music absent in our lives. Like art, music has existed for as long as the man started to understand the idea of creation.

Ancient artifacts have proven the existence of musical instruments as far back as 42,000 years ago. With something that old that’s existed alongside humanity, it is sure to have a significant impact on our existence. There is no known culture that doesn’t have some sort of musical history tied to them.

Dark times are framed with music and celebrations are never complete without music. In these modern times, music continues to have a profound effect on our lives and will continue to do so for as long as humans exist.


  1. Music Helps to Express Emotions


Humans are inherently emotional creatures. Many of us sometimes get carried away with our strong feelings. In most cases, that could be bad, leading us down a path that’s destructive or hurtful. But our emotions can also awaken in us our creativity. Generations of humans have always turned to music during a particular heightened emotional state, whether to try to calm our state of mind or as a constructive way to express our feelings. For some people, music can give our emotions some context. It can be heard understanding the way we feel sometimes but through music, appreciation or creation, it can offer a new perspective and insight and help us understand ourselves better.


  1. Music Serves as Placeholder of Memories


Music can also serve as a placeholder for our memories. Events are easier and more vivid in our mind when it’s accompanied by music. Certain forgotten memories are certainly brought to the forefront when we hear a reminiscent song or lyrics. Patients suffering from a form of dementia like Alzheimer’s disease experience a reduction of their anxiety or restlessness when they hear their favorite music. It can be a great way for them to remember the good times they’ve had in the past instead of the uncertain and confusing future they have now.


  1. Music Helps to Stay Focused


Then there’s the idea that listening to music helps us to focus more. Working on a fast-approaching deadline can be made into an enjoyable experience through music. Certain songs help people to avoid external distractions and focus their mind on the task at hand. It’s no surprise that looking in at a school library or coffee shop, you’ll see many students hard at work studying with earphones glued to their ears. It helps them to drown out the noise outside and helps them to remember the lessons.


  1. Music as the Best Entertainment


But the most obvious way that music integrates into our lives is through entertainment. Far before its effects were studied, music has always served as a fun way to pass the time. Whether it is hearing a fresh sound from a flute around a campfire on a moonless night for our hunter-gatherer ancestors, or it’s listening to the latest album from our favorite artist on our morning commute, music is a great way to kill boredom without having to exert so much effort on our part.


  1. Music Brings People Closer


My final thought is around the idea that music, in whatever form, brings people closer together. Take concerts, for example, a group of fans gathered for the sole purpose of enjoying music. Musically inclined families will always share their fun memories playing music together. Group of friends gathered will always spend a good deal of time talking about the latest songs they’ve heard or an artist they like. Even a whole nation can rally behind a particular song that frames their nationalistic idea.


Music has always had an integral part of humanity. It is woven in our culture and plays an important role in our lives. It is like art or poetry, it’s difficult to explain how important, all-encompassing it is, but it is harder still to imagine its absence.


Author Bio: Lily Brooks is a gallivanter, musicophile and blogger, who enjoys playing different musical instruments and writing about them. Her recently published article was about Hang drum, covering everything one ought to know about hang drums and more.

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