Rumours of Ivan L. Moody Leaving 5 Finger Death Punch Quelled

Written by on 25th April 2019

What could be better than listening to rock ‘n roll, playing at sites like and sipping on a cold one after a hard day’s work?

We can tell you what might be better than the above combination; listening to rock ‘n roll, sipping on a cold one, playing at our favourite online casino and hearing the sweet sound of rumours being squashed about Ivan L. Moody’s departure from 5 Finger Death Punch.

It’s no secret 5 Finger Death Punch were having issues with frontman, Ivan L. Moody only just a few years ago. The lead singer of 5 Finger Death Punch suffered secretly suffered from substance abuse which fans suspected but obviously couldn’t prove. 2017 proved to be a really tough year for the band as rumours, spurred by Moody, suggested he was going to leave 5 Finger Death Punch to follow his new venture of starting a band elsewhere. After many rumours and a tour which Moody had to leave halfway through, it came to surface that the singer was addicted to substance abuse. In 2017 the star admitted to falling off the wagon stating he felt ashamed and remorseful and he believed his fans had the right to know what was really going on with him.

In an interview with a radio station, Ivan L. Moody said the turning point for him was when he awoke in his daughters arms while she was crying alongside the EMTs. He went on to say how he used to suffer from alcohol related seizures and knew how his life would end and he would be okay with it. During this interview he was 90 days sober, a massive achieving for the alcoholic singer.

Band members and Ivan himself said his saving grace, the person that saved him from himself was lead singer of Judas Priest, Rob Halford.

In the interview he went on to say that he was sober but hung-over when he quit FFDP onstage, an event fans are unlikely to forget. Fans recall Moody throwing the mic down and walking off stage. It wasn’t until the next day when he woke up that the reality of his actions hit him. When Ivan found out Tommy Vext, lead singer of Bad Wolves, would be filling in for him, he claimed to have gone to a bar to get drunk and pick a fight because he was so broken about it. The band had no other choice otherwise they would have been sued.

It was this moment that Ivan knew he needed to change his life and sober up. In March 2019, Moody celebrated 1 year sobriety, his band members, daughter and fans are incredibly proud of his progress and look forward to many years of FFDP music as Ivan stated he would not be leaving the band and that the media blew everything out of proportion.

It would seem the incredible musician isn’t going anywhere soon and we only have good news to look forward to in the future.



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