The Alchemy / Bella Estelle Bar 42 Worthing November 15th

Written by on 26th November 2018

Recently Canterbury 4 piece The Alchemy released their brand new single Give Me The Sky, and in support of the new single, the band embarked on a 5 date headline tour around the UK.


One of the dates included Worthing’s premier venue Bar 42, a venue they played at last year.


This year they returned full of invigorated energy and excited to be bringing with them brand new material, backed with the release of the brand new single, which right now is getting a lot of Airplay on Metal Meyhem Radio.


The evening started later than most events at 9pm, featuring only one support band, Bella Estelle.



This was the first time I’d seen this act, which is fronted by a very young and pretty Bella who despite her young age, seems a very accomplished songwriter. Maybe just pure coincidence, her almost angelic voice was reminiscent of Dolores O’Riodan.

The style of the band was in a stark contrast of what was to come, very soft rock, almost indie at times. Bella herself is a multi-instrumentalist, playing both acoustic guitar and keys.

Their set was enjoyable, and memorable and I can see this band going somewhere…if there was any form of critique, is that Bella does need to develop the same confidence during the song transistations as she does whilst performing…but this will come in time and as they build experience.

If you are a Hard Rocker, then this is a band, and I state band as Bella does not perform solo,  you may skip past, but in all honesty, if music really is your passion, I would stop and listen to them.


A set of 6 tracks including the new tracks Blurred Vision and Crazy In Love flowed nicely, and if I’m really honest, I’d like to see them again….so one I’d look out for. I believe they’ve recently been picked up on BBC Introducing… so keep an eye out, word has it they will be playing at this January’s Icebreaker Festival in Portsmouth…


So after interviewing Rhys and Alex, 10pm rolled around and was time for The Alchemy.

I have been lucky enough to see these guys play twice so far, and I have to say for a band that isn’t overly heavy, they have the same energy as any good metalcore band on stage..something I’ve stated before.


Highly energised with a new set, they kicked off the night with brand new material, from the upcoming new album codenamed “Chemical Daydream


Whilst the crowd were set back from the stage tonight, the room wasn’t standing still and clearly the rest of the crowd were enjoying what they heard.


A set originally of 6 tracks, of which they only played 1 older track much to my joy the anthemic Blackhole Passenger, these new tracks have the same level of energy and pop hooks as the older tracks from the “Modern Age” EP.


The band put absolutely everything into the performance for new track Give Me The Sky which was also one of the last featured new videos on the now defunct Scuzz TV R.I.P.

During the interview, Rhys gave the story behind Give Me The Sky which started originally after a tragic accident that left his girlfriend paralysed for three months.



So came the end of the set, and it was obvious the guys wanted more from the night, taking the hint, I yelled “Modern Age!!!!”….and despite an “oops we haven’t played this in ages” from Rhys, they were more than happy to oblige, they may have felt they were rusty, but still delivered a top performance.


The band still had 2 more dates to play, Torquay and Guildford before returning to normal life the following week until the early part of next year.


This is a band that is enjoying their artistic freedom of independence, but in all honesty, is a band that should be picked up by a semi-major label as I really think they need to be pushed to the next level…but maybe I’m slightly biased.


So the night was over, but having since spoken to Rhys, they plan on being out on the road again in February….until next time.



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