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Written by on 6th November 2018

So a cold Friday night in October, I’m still dying of man-flu…but I have an invite to The Green Door Store to see Icarus Falls, Graces Collide, Saint Apache and The Rocket Dolls.

Possibly 4 of the best Rock Bands the South Coast has to offer…or stay at home feeling ill, and finishing off preparing my Saturday Late Breakfast show that is to air the next morning…..erm, not really much to compete…LIVE music wins every time!!

Icarus Falls kicked off the evening, but make no mistake, Icarus Falls are a headlining band in their own right. Unfortunately I missed their set..but knowing I was to be seeing them headline the following Friday in Littlehampton for the LARS Promotions Rock Riot Show was a consolation. That show will be reported on separately.


Next to take to the stage was Graces Collide. Now under the tutelage of Nikki Smash, these guys have really upped their game. I would say they have refined their image too..but it was a Halloween show, so were dressed accordingly.

But there was something about their sound, don’t get me wrong, Graces have always sounded great live, but they were tight.

Playing a few of their classics tracks, and many new tracks, and even threw in a boyband cover track for fun, “Back Street’s Back” (yeah I know), there was something about the way they played…a tight set but clearly the hard work they have been putting in to rehearsals was paying off. They were having fun. Any band that plays on a stage, and are not enjoying it shouldn’t be there. But these guys belong there. They belong not only on the stage of The Green Door Store, but with a continued push, and maybe with the aid of a signing to a Label, I can see this band playing bigger stages, and festivals and winning over more fans…. I really hope they do. Gigi at Curtain Call Records…are you listening to these guys? If not, you should be!!!

To sum up Graces Collide tonight, great rock riffs, with unashamed pop hooks. Tonight they proved they have a level commercial viability to go to the next level, with some great radio anthems in their arsenal.  

Next to take to the stage, Eastbourne’s Saint Apache. The best way to sum up this band is:

If real Punk Rock was invented in 2018, Saint Apache would be the ones to define it’s sound”.

Without any shadow of a doubt, this band is politically charged, and has something to say.


And in 2018, I really find that refreshing. Too many bands shy away from speaking their minds, let alone political points of view…but without getting too deep into my own views, bands like this speak for the masses, and should be hailed heroes!
Throwing a “FUCK MAY” T-Shirt to the crowd, the lucky recipient was happy to wear it, as would have been most of the room (including myself).
I could spend the whole of this segment speaking about the messages behind their music, but I think you really need to listen for yourself.


Their sound was modern, tight and apt, with a heavy nod to the 70’s Punk sound. The band lists the likes of Rage Against The Machine as an influence, but they didn’t steal anything from them….except maybe the energy.

Many times, Thommy Meredith jumped from the stage into the crowd, yes he belongs on the stage, but he is still one of us.
So with 2018 drawing to a rapid close, this is a band you need to go and see. If you are suffer from a weak heart, stand at the back because this band will get your pulse racing.


A slight backline and breakables change later, it was time for The Rocket Dolls to take to the stage.


Fresh off an 11 date tour with Aussie giants Massive (yes pun intended), the guys were feeling particularly pumped and ready to go.

Choosing to use the same set list as the support tour, they picked out what I’d say were their “hits” and “crowd pleasers”.

Nikki was feeling extra excited due to his parents flying in from the Channel Islands, so in many respects upped his game even more so…and tbh I’d do the same.



What was great to see is how Joe has now settled into the band and has found his place as a Rocket Doll rather than just the new band member which was what I saw when I saw then last December.
So what more can I write about The Rocket Dolls that hasn’t already been said before? In all honesty, probably not too much, except that they are growing in both confidence and in their performances…although how many times have you gone to see The Rocket Dolls where a mosh pit has broken out…oh and a cheeky wedding proposal? (She said YES by the way!!)

Well, that’s exactly what happened on this night which gives you and indication of how much energy was being generated on this night!!
Finishing the set with DeadHead the crowd had got their money’s worth, and was well worth the trip on a cold Friday night.


So in summary, this was a small showcase of what the South Coast Rock Scene has to offer. Of course, there are many other rock bands that could easily have slotted into the same bill, such as Stone Angels, The Hellfire Club, Lonely Dakota etc, but the point is, we are lucky to have such a vibrant scene, and I’d say this to anyone…SUPPORT THE LOCAL SCENE!!!

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