She Pulled the Trigger - Without a Doubt

December 06, 2017 - 1362 views

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For a moment I found forever
One hit to drag me down
I thought I'd never pick myself up off the ground

Your voice is a hundred angels
Singing please come back home
Your heart is a broken savior
Screaming please don't let go

***Without a doubt I'll take 
every bullet coming your way
You'll be my last mistake
There's no hero running to me
I see the light but it's too damn late
You know I'd die to make you smile
Without a doubt I'll take
Every bullet coming your way

Like the ocean we go on forever
One ship can pull you down
Bound to meaning so I... I said forever
Maybe he'll is justice now

My life is a burning building
That I still call my home
My dream is a fucking nightmare