Hollow Point - Still Standing

December 06, 2017 - 946 views

Hollow Point is a four-piece band from Charlotte, North Carolina, that utilizes a variety of influences to deliver a heavy and melodic blend of hard rock and heavy metal music.

Instagram: @HollowPointNC

Download "Still Standing":
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The words you spoke
The words you wrote
Forever ingrained into my mind
I gave you trust 
It's not enough
Now this is all that's left behind

You walked away
You turned your back
You left me here and I'm
Still Standing
Now I see
Your heart is black
You left me here and I'm
Still Standing

You'll never know the nights I've spent
Playing the scene over in my head
You'll never know the scars you left
Reminders of everything you said

You left me 
This pain inside
It ends tonight

Cutting all my ties
Taking back my life
I'm letting go
Letting go

No more sleepless nights
No more wasted time
I'm moving on
Moving on