Among Them - Meaning

December 13, 2017 - 1514 views

Artist: Among Them
Song: Meaning
Album: 'Coming and Going' (tba)
Hometown: Perth, Australia


A deep thought one can feel upon these endless hills
Looking out over this world I can’t help but feel like, we’ve been here before
Over and over, great minds will innovate this place.
Built up from the ground, just to be torn back down.
Over and over, feeble minds will bring it to its knees

Then it starts, from the beginning again. Infinite tides will reform the land
Reform the land
From humble beginnings, to the glory ahead, the script is reading just like it was planned
If only we could see, ahead of time, that our path, was doomed to repeat itself again

No chance of repair, yet they persist in vain. Little do they know, that this will happen again
The fate of it all, is set in stone
A creator will recreate its so-called home
False importance. The simulation of progress

Yeah, fighting with fire, against the seams
It can’t be held together, it’s breaking apart
Then it starts over again, and again. Misplaced value on all we can see
Don’t cling to the present, because the present is always, it’ll last you forever
And as the future gets closer, we’ll start to re-invent right before we’re martyred

Failing to solve the problems we ourselves have made. Only solution is to forget and re-create
Born, from the ashes of a great collide. Millennia have passed, and brought about this life
Now the charade of self-repair, repeats its torment as the circle begins again

There is no ending of life, as it draws to a close, we realize
To save it all, to save ourselves. We must erase it and start again
Repeat the success of man, over and over again
Repeat the failures of man, repeat again

False progression


Filmed by 
Split Mask Media

Edited By
James Kilian

Produced, Mixed and Mastered by
Cody Brooks