The 69X Radio Show with Mandy

The Saturday, from 19:00 to 21:00

Globally we are blessed with the most amazing original bands and musicians however, pubs and venues seem to limit booking original artists. Over the decades, it is my belief that the music industry has been steered by certain music programmes and has unfortunately for whatever reason pulled away from original music, Coupling this with CD & vinyl sales declining and streaming being the latest way to play music, this has made it exceptionally difficult for original musicians to move forward and be heard. Due to this current musical climate, our most talented people are dropping in numbers which is a terrible shame.

69X MUSIC is about to change all of that!

What’s the plan?

My intention is to focus on supporting original musicians ONLY

Be sure to check out her online friday show which is released every week on Face book and YouTube.
Also help support homeless by visiting her justgiving page.
Mandy Lawrie : Owner & Founder of 69XMUSIC supporting Original music raising funds for homeless charities.

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